Dr. Clare Bokulich

Projektmitarbeiterin "Stipendium der ETH Zürich"

Dr. Clare Bokulich
Musikwissenschaftliches Institut
Florhofgasse 11, Büro Seilergraben 53
CH - 8001 Zürich
Tel +41 (0)44 634 47 71

1. CV

Clare Bokulich received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2016. She previously served as Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis and as Associate Lecturer at the University of California, Davis. Her research centers on genre, reception, and digital analysis of fifteenth-and sixteenth-century music.

2. Awards

Roland Jackson Award for outstanding work in music analysis (American Musicological Society, 2018)

Centennial Award for Excellence in Teaching (Stanford University, 2012)

Finalist, Ingolf Dahl Award (American Musicological Society, 2012)

Chair’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Stanford University, 2011)

3. Fellowships

Lieberman Fellowship (Stanford University, 2014–15)

Whiting Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (2014–15)

University of California Summer Research Opportunity Program (2007)

4. Publications

1. "Remaking a Motet: How and When Josquin’s Ave Maria…virgo serena Became The Ave Maria", Early Music History 39, 2020.

2. "Meter and the Motetti Missales", in Motet Cycles between Devotion and Liturgy, ed. [JR1]Daniele V. Filippi and Agnese Pavanello (Basel: Schwabe, 2019).

3. "Contextualizing Josquin’s Ave Maria…virgo serena", Journal of Musicology 34, 2017.

4. Review of The Cultural Life of the Early Polyphonic Mass: Medieval Context to Modern Revival by Andrew Kirkman, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 63 (2012).